How to submit

At NUANCE, our goal is to curate thoughtful happenings out of works submitted by artists of color. We also care as much about the artist as the artwork, and want to ensure we can build a network of support to help connect and recognize artists from a wide range of backgrounds.

To help us do this, please include the following with your submission: 


1. Name/Pronouns

2. Artist statement, around 150 words

3. One sentence artist bio

4. Links so we can plug you 🔌

5. The artwork & its name





Subject line: Nuance


Please send us high resolution .JPEG file, 300dpi preferred

All films must be uploaded to another video host (vimeo, youtube, etc.)

Music must also be uploaded to a host (soundcloud, youtube, etc.)

If you're an artist of color seeking a bit of inspiration, check out our new Snap! page.