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 Co-founders Nabila Wirakusumah and Mwinga SInjela

Co-founders Nabila Wirakusumah and Mwinga SInjela

NUANCE is a team of artists based in Brooklyn, NY that strive to decentralize arts and culture from a white/western/masc point of view, through projects that celebrate our otherness as a strength. 

Artists currently involved in NUANCE: 

Nabila WirakusumahCo-founder, Visual Artist, Designer
Mwinga Sinjela/ Co-founder, Visual ArtistFilmmaker
Richard Perez/ Poet, Rapper & Songwriter for Black Glitter
Amaris Smith/ Vocalist, Songwriter for Black Glitter
Max Hernandez/ Photographer, Graphic Designer
Thomas Megan/ Filmmaker
Sarah Branch/ Actress, Educator, Dancer & Arts administrator
Photos by:
Litsa Sursock

With an eclectic skill-set, unique vision and a strong passion for celebrating otherness, NUANCE strives to engage young artists of color through creative projects and events. 

For inquiries email nabila@thinknuance.com





A Hip Hop and R&B event in Brooklyn. Featuring Nitty Scott, Alex Mali, Josh DST and Black Glitter. Hosted by NUANCE in partnership with Luke McCanna. 

Creative Direction/Set Design: Nabila Wirakusumah
Booking/Management: Luke McCanna
Creative Assistants: Max Hernandez, Mwinga Sinjela
Black Glitter is a NUANCE music group featuring Richard Perez and Amaris Smith


EVENT @ trans pecos

Look book 

Creative Direction: Nabila Wirakusumah
Photography: Litsa Sursock & Max Hernandez
Styling: Mwinga Sinjela
Models: Black Glitter (Richard Perez & Amaris Smith), Josh DST, Naomi Van Der Lande, Amina Smith & Sarah Branch